Our Work

Kama Relief Corporation’s mission is to “Give hope to those who need it most.” We carry out this mission through a number of programs and initiatives such as:

Humanitarian Aid Program

Kama Relief volunteer feeds a Afghan child

Kama Relief Corporation operates a number of humanitarian programs including but not limited to Orphan Relief which provides meat, cooking oil, rice, beans, tea, and sugar. Additionally, orphans are provided backpacks and other school supplies and a winter coat to keep them warm. Kama Relief also supports widows with food and other assistance so that they can provide for their families. Kama Relief also operates clothing drives to get adequate clothing including winter coats to the needy in Afghanistan who live in climates with extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

Education Program

Afghan children study Quran in Kama Relief program

Kama Relief funds Quran Study and Hifz programs in most of the local masajids that Kama Relief serves. Early morning Tafsir programs are followed by Quran memorization as a daily part of the Quran program. 

Community Development Program

A new well constructed by Kama Relief provides safe drinking water

Kama Relief helps build masajid, community centers, and repair damage to homes in rural Afghanistan that some of the most impoverished Afghans live in. This assistance is crucial in rural areas which without the assistance of Kama Relief, would not have these positive developments that benefit the community.

Ramadan Program

Children and need family members line up for Iftar during Ramadan

Kama Relief during the month of Ramadan steps up to provide an increased amount of food rations and iftar meals to people across the rural regions of Afghanistan. Through this Ramadan Program these efforts to increase access to food and iftar help address hunger and put a smile on the faces of the needy.