Kama Relief Foundation
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About Us

Kama Relief Corporation is a U.S. based 501(c)3 nonprofit relief and development organization addressing the humanitarian needs in Afghanistan and ensuring the needy have their basic needs met including monthly food assistance and access to safe drinking water. Kama Relief Corporation also helps build masjids, schools, and develop educational opportunities in Afghanistan. It is through this important work that Kama Relief carries out its mission of “Striving to bring hope for a better life.” Kama Relief was founded by Abdul Jamil Kamawal in October of 2001 to help the most unfortunate individuals and families in the various regions of Afghanistan.


Kama Relief Corporation’s mission is “Striving to bring hope for a better life”. Kama Relief envisions communities rebuilt after decades of war and hardship; communities where every child has access to clean water, shelter, warm clothes, education, religious teaching, and sustainable change that brings hope for a better life.


    • Love: A person cannot be a complete believer unless he loves for his brother what he loves for himself. To love someone for the sake of Allah means to love someone only to please Allah and to love good for them without expecting anything in return, other than from Allah. Love is our core value in all we do.
    • Sincerity: Sincerity (Ikhlas) is a form of worship performed by the heart. It entails doing good deeds solely for the pleasure of Allah and not for any personal gain nor personal acknowledgement. We want nothing more than Allah to be pleased with the work we are doing in this organization.
    • Equity: The poor are to receive charity to meet their basic needs, while it is a duty upon the rest of us to give a portion of our wealth in charity. We believe that all human beings are equally valuable and those of us with the financial means have a duty to help the neediest. Sustenance is from Allah, and belongs to Allah, and should be used for the sake of Allah.
    • Mercy: Mercy entails love and care. Allah takes care of us when we cannot take care of ourselves and we believe we should take care of others. The Mercy of Allah is that quality that also embodies gentleness, care, consideration, love, and forgiveness. Through Kama Relief, we are trying to lower the wings of mercy to the less fortunate.



Abdul Jamil Kamawal, Kama Relief Founder

Abdul Jamil Kamawal was born and raised in a rural village, in the Nangarhar province of Afghanistan named Kama. While much of his childhood was lost in the shadow of being an orphan with siblings to care for, his immense love for education earned him a scholarship to study surveying in the United States in the state of Oregon.

Shortly after obtaining his Associates degree in the 60’s, he returned from the U.S to his village to fulfill his responsibility to his family and community. His goal to help support sustainable change within the community. However, when the Soviet Union invaded his home in the 80s, significant turmoil and disruption forced him to flee with his wife and children to nearby Pakistan. Risking the trek to Pakistan through mountainous terrain and leaving all their possessions behind, they endured four years as refugees in Peshawar, Pakistan. Abdul Jamil Kamawal and his family eventually were able to relocate to the U.S. He later changed his last name to Kamawal, meaning “person from Kama” to reflect his connection to his people and his pride in the village that raised him.

Jamil’s deep-rooted love for his hometown did not let distance affect his ability to provide for it. In the late 90’s, he started doing humanitarian work in his home village in Afghanistan, which was officially established as Kama Relief Corporation and received 501(c)3 status in 2001. He was able to make trips back to Afghanistan to give back a little of what Allah had given him. His goal to support sustainable change in his village never faded. He did not want people to have to leave Afghanistan to have a better life; he wanted opportunities to be available for people within their home community. He worked for countless hours with no worldly gain in return, in the hopes of pleasing Allah through providing aid and resources to his beloved village. The fruits of his labor shone through in the schools and masajid KRC built, in the food distributed to thousands of families, and in the support of orphans who he was once not so different from. The community wanted girls to receive an education in their own community without having to travel a great distance. Jamil built the first school for girls in his village. Even after watching his country endure war after war, he never gave up hope that it had the potential to rebuild. He knew every child deserved the opportunity he was given.

Kama Relief was saddened by the sudden death of our founder Abdul Jamil Kamawal in 2016 but Kama Relief continues to carry out the vision of Abdul Jamil Kamawal through his family and the board of directors through this important work. As a family-run organization, we strive to embody Jamil’s values and morals in the continuation of his legacy. By the will of Allah, we hope to continue to extend the reach of his work and be a part of rebuilding the country he cared so deeply for.