Providing hope to the most unfortunate


​In Ramadan, KRC receives extra support from our community and we also step up our efforts in Ramadan. We have already distributed over 300 food rations right before Ramadan and an additional 600 food rations is being distributed in the middle of Ramadan. We are unable to provide most of these families regular food rations every month, but these needy families truly appreciate the extra help during this month. Zakat-ul-fitr donations from local masajids in Portland are an additional source of funding that allows us to bring a little extra joy to needy families. 

Additionally, KRC provides hot iftar meals in Ramadan in different villages (there are several hundred families in each village). For many, Ramadan iftars are one of the only times each year they eat meat.

This Ramadan, we need your help to continue yearly sponsorships and to provide more families a helping hand in this blessed month. Your sadaqa and zakat are appreciated so less families go to sleep hungry. With the influx of so many refugees returning from Pakistan, the need is great