Providing hope to the most unfortunate

Food rations to the most needy families, mostly with orphans and widows and disabled:  $25/month.  Proved basic large bag of flour and big container of oil.  Often, we are able to stretch this out to two families.

Iftar during last 10 nights in Ramadan, and hot meals at other times:  $800/night provides 300 to 400 families (around 3000 individuals) with a hot meal of rice and meat.  For some of these families, this might be one of the only nights they eat meat.  

Provide wheelchair to disabled:  at a cost of $100 to $200, help enable those who are disabled.  

Teachers for Islamic studies and hifz:  sponser a teacher for only $50/month.  Some have over 60 students, with great results, instilling the love of the Quran in their hearts.

KRC received dozens of requests every year to help fund a portion of a masjid or Islamic center because the locality is unable to sustain the project.  With as little as $100 in material to $1000 in construction help, KRC’s goal is to help facilitate community development. 

Health care and medical supplies for those in need, with a current emphasis on the disabled.​ 

You can also make a general donation. This money will go to the most needed area of our activities. Wherever we are short on funds, that is where this money will go.

KRC is an Oregon Domestic non-profit corporation, it has a Federal Tax Exemption.  KRC is recognized and registered in Afghanistan as a foreign NGO (non governmental organization). To find out more about KRC or how to make contributions or any general questions, e-mail us at tawab@kamarelief.org.  We urge you all to donate any amount you can, even your very little charity will make a difference. Jazak-allah-khair.

Now is your chance to help make a difference. Your donation is tax deductible. KRC is your local non-profit organization, every dollar of your contribution will directly go towards helping the needy individuals and families in Afghanistan.