Providing hope to the most unfortunate

Community Development

KRC has run the construction, repair and support of numerous Masajids / Community Centers. From the new construction of large Masajids that support over 1000 worshippers along with numerous youth and adult programs to the construction and rehabilitation of dozens of smaller Masajids that support local communities, KRC has provided members a safe and nurturing place to grow and become positive members of society. 

As funding allows, KRC helps in the repair of mud housing for residents who have had walls or roof collapses because of bad construction or due to earthquakes. After the October 2015 Afghanistan-Pakistan earthquake, KRC administrators surveyed damage in the local district, and provide humanitarian relief to some of the families, including tents to those whose houses were destroyed

KRC also participates in the construction of wells and irrigation canals, sometimes in partnership with other NGOs or local government. Additionally, KRC works with local community and village leader to fully address community needs, including healthcare and sanitation. From educational and humanitarian needs, to construction and healthcare, KRC works to provide additional help that the community may need.