Providing hope to the most unfortunate

We do a lot to improve life for communities in need!

There is a serious lack of services and assistance for economically deprived people in rural areas of Afghanistan. Malnutrition and vulnerability to disease cause severe problems for many individuals, particularly for children and the elderly. It is critical that the need for food, clothes and shelters be met. KRC has implemented various humanitarian activities that are being conducted from community center. We have began the distribution of food rations to many needy families since March of 2003.

KRC’s future humanitarian activities in the District of Kamah:

The District of Kamah has 48 villages, KRC’s humanitarian activities are limited to only a few of those villages, in a small scale. There are additional 600 families and a number of orphans who need help with food, clothes and shelter urgently.

There is urgent need for providing nutritional food to a great number of individuals and families, specially women and children who suffer from chronic deficiency diseases.

1. KRC is providing nutritional food for people who are suffering from chronic deficiency diseases, especially infants, children and women.

2. KRC is trying to find homes for orphaned Afghan children.

3. KRC is trying to find low income housing for widowed families.

4. KRC is attempting to create job in the rural areas of Afghanistan.

KRC Current humanitarian aid includes the following:

KRC is distributing food rations on Monthly basis to widows, orphans and the most economically deprived individuals and families in the Villages of Koza and Bara Daragalai, Shailam, Bazidkhail, Safdaray of the District of Kamah. Food ration includes the following items:

Wheat flour 50 kg per family/monthly; cooking oil, 12 lbs; white sugar, 16 lbs; garbonzo beans, 12 lbs; kidney beans, 12 lbs; onions, 10 lbs; potatoes 12 lbs. Once in two to three months, they are provided 20 kg long grain rice per family.

KRC is providing cash assistance to families sponsoring orphans. We will not run an orphanage, we encourage families and relatives of orphans to provide similar conditions to orphans as they would provide for their own childrens. KRC local staff in Afghanistan is committed to check their conditions of living.

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